AIDIMME Technological Institute is a non-profit Research Association, with its own legal personality, private, national and internationally projection, with almost 70 years of experience.

It is recognized by CICYT as a CIT Center and by the Ministry as AEI. It has the support of the Generalitat Valenciana, through IVACE, as well as other organizations.

AIDIMME aims to contribute to increasing the competitiveness of companies in all aspects related to research and development, innovation, quality, safety, the environment, training, information, strategy and markets. Likewise, it focuses its activities on improving management, especially in the areas of design, production, marketing and strengthening exports.

Among the main sectors that it supports are: Furniture, wood, packaging and related items; Metalworking and related industries; Habitat, construction, rehabilitation and historical heritage; Automotive; Materials; Chemical; Sanidad y Salud; Tourism…

AIDIMME is a meeting point, covering all the links in the business value chain: manufacturers, suppliers, commerce and distribution, consumers and users.